LH-Crypto – review of the first full-fledged crypto broker

The broker LH-Crypto has been successfully operating since December 2017, when a successful ICO was held and more than ten thousand crypto investors supported the project. A distinctive feature of the broker is that with its help you can open an account and trade the most liquid crypto currency, and use it to use investment tools.

At the moment, it has become very popular to invest in crypto currency, a considerable market segment has already been conquered, and the number of investors is growing exponentially. What stops most potential contributors? First, the difficult purchase of virtual currency, because it can be purchased through crypto exchanges through cashless settlement or from an unknown seller for cash. To perform the reverse operation (to bring the crypt in Fiat) also need the help of unauthorized persons. And in order to get at least some profit, you will need to quickly find a crypt buyer, if its rate rises. Operational search is very important, because the course is changing very quickly and if the trader hesitates, he can lose not a small amount. That is why you should choose the broker LH-Crypto, which allows you to quickly sell the crypto currency and withdraw the money received.

What you should know about LH-Crypto

The broker has a number of specialized services, with their help, it becomes possible to invest in crypt trading Forex and CFD instruments. Trade stocks, commodities and various crypto currency. At the moment, there are already more than 200 trading instruments, and the list continues to grow. The brightest of which are:

  • A wide range of currency pairs, from traditional to specific currency;
  • Trading hundreds of stocks of various global companies;
  • Trade in metals and raw materials through CFD contracts;
  • Innovative synthetic pairs of virtual currency and metals / raw materials;
  • Minimum deposit of 10 euros, with a high leverage of 1:40;

Low commission on deals compared to other brokers: 0.2% for a crypto lot and 0.015% for Forex. An innovative system of collecting commissions from traders who have overdue the term of the transaction, which was called the Rolling Swap, was also introduced. An ordinary Swap, after the transfer of the transaction for a day, withdraws a small fixed commission, which is a great expense for the trader. Therefore, in LH-Crypto, this process has been simplified, the commission is minimal for several days after the transfer of the transaction, and it increases after the deadline.

Who does not want to identify his identity, was invented a function to open an anonymous account. It is relevant for countries where it is strictly prohibited to trade, trade and use of cryptocurrency. It is worth noting that opening an anonymous account, its owner performs all operations only through virtual currency.

Those who do not hide their identity can open an ordinary account not only in crypto, but also in an ordinary fiat currency – the euro. You can replenish such an account in various ways using bank transfers and plastic cards, you can also transfer money from popular payment systems: PerfectMoney, Qiwi, etc.

You can try your hand at a demo account, which is a demo account. At your disposal will be 50 thousand euros and a leverage of 1: 100, you can not withdraw money, of course.

As a result, I would like to say that LH-Crypto is practically the only full-fledged organization that positions itself as a crypto broker. It continues to evolve and grow, and its investment instruments are revolutionary and unique!